Brand Philosophy


1. Authentic Leather
Only the most premium leather from European tanneries is used to produce Kaufmann products. As such, each Kaufmann leather will spark joy to all your senses – from the sight of its perfectly grained pattern, the pleasant smell of its authentic scent, to the super soft texture you feel whenever you touch it.

2. High Precision
Being the market leader in handcrafted leather, you can expect each Kaufmann product – whether ready-made or custom made – to be handmade to perfection thanks to its years of precise craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail.

3. Top-Notch Quality
With the use of premium, authentic leather combined with high standards when it comes to craftsmanship, Kaufmann is committed to produce top-notch quality products that are also built to last longer.


To compete with leading brands

Kaufmann strives to live up to the highest quality products when it comes to producing its leather goods and as such, also aims to become a competition for other leading brands in the market. 

To gain market share of other brands

Thanks to Kaufmann's commitment and continuous effort to increase its brand value, its goal is to drive brand loyalty among customers, thus eventually even gaining market share from other brands.

To ensure customer satisfaction by maintaining high quality products

Kaufmann hopes to drive brand loyalty and to keep customers happy and satisfied, so much so that when customers think of premium handcrafted leather, they will think of Kaufmann as the first choice.